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《Love Of Self》
       When I was younger,I thought that to love one s self was vanity and not a vltuous trait.
       As I have grown older,that belief has passed away,as have so many others.There is a vast deviation between being vain and loving one s self.
       We ale all in this wodd togeter striving for more or less the same things.To con tribute and have our lives count for something.To love and be loved,tolaugh and ...yes,to cry.
       We seek shelter,nourishment.a mate,warmth,clothing,family,friends;we seek ap proval,love and self-esteem.We are all imperfect.Often during our search we forget to simply enjoy what life is.We become so caught up in what could have been,what should be,hat might be,that many of our todays are lost.Let yesterday rest,live for today,hope and dream for your tomoltows.
       If there is some part of you that lessens your self-image,some part of that pre.vents you from loving yourself,change it,for only you can.Life is filled with things we have no control over,but ourselves,we can control.You are the sculpto and you have the ability to create a masterpiece.The shape and form are there.You have only to refine the work.
       ts the task an rasy one? no.There will be sips and flaws and you will be required to work and rework just ad a sculptor must rework the clay before the piece is completed.Should the sculptor throw out the piece condeming it as worthless beeause of a blemish or nick?Of course not,where then would all the world s treasured art be? I doubt we would have any.How many masterpieces do you think have been created in one fell-swoop,a first effort completely successful without eltor,without change?Is it possible we fail to see that mankind is the most marvelous of all works of art?A living,continuous,developing work of art.
       How often have you heard the question"what is the human race coming to ?"The an swer,in my mind at least,is whatever we make it,for we are the weavers of tomorrow.You are a treasure,beyomd price,one of a kind,irreplaceble.Not perfect but well in your way to being a masterpiece.Do let your yesterdays hinder tomorrow s achieve ments.
       Again,I say to you that these words are merely feelings and thoughts,one person s outlook and subjeat to change with tomorrows setting sun,as I too coutinue to sculpt the lumopof alay given to me at birth,called self.


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