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许多人认为雄心是大家与生俱来的信念。它有极强的生命力,唯有大家细心呵护,才能变的越来越强。如同学习音乐和艺术一样,只有通过长期的积累才能使其  又有旺盛的生命力,否则它就会渐渐枯萎。
       《getting Aroused》
       "How s the boy getting on,Davis?"Asked Famer John Dield.
       "Well,John,you and I are ole friends,"replied Deacon Davis,as he took an apple from a barrel and handed it to Marshall s father as a peace offering;"we are old feiends,and I don t want to hurt your feelings; but I m a blunt man,and air going to tell you the truth.Marshall is a good,steady boy,all right,but he wouldn t make a maerchant if ge stayed in my store a thousand years.He weren t cut out for a merchant.Take him back to the farm,John,and teach him how to milk cows!"
        If Marshall Field had remained as clerk in Deacon Davis s store in pittsfield,Massachuse tts,where he got his first position,he could never have     become one of the world s maerchant princes.
       But when he went to Chicago and saw the marvelous Examples around him of poor boys who had won success,it aroused his ambition and fired him with the determination to be a great merchant himself."If others can do such wonderful things,"he asked himself,"why cannot I?"It had them only about eighty-five thousand inhabitants.A few years before it had been a mere Indian trading village.But the city grew by leaps and               bounds,and always beat the predicyions of its most sanguine inhabitants.Success was in the air.Everybody fet that there were great possibilities there.
       Many people aeem to think that ambition is a quality born within us;that it is not susceptible to improvement;that it is something thurst upon us which will take care of itself.But it is a passion that responds very quickly to cultivation,and it requies constant care and education,just as the faculty for music or art does,or it will atrophy.
       "What I most need,"as Emerson says,"is somebody to make me do what I can."To do what I can,that is my provlem;not what a Napoleon or a Lincoln could do,but what I can do ,It makes all the difference in the would to me whether I bring out the best thing in me or the  worst-whether I utilize ten,fifteen,twenty-five,or ninety percent of my abilty.
        Everywhere we see people who have reached middle life or later without being aroused.They have developed only a small percentage of their success possibilities.They are still in a dormant state.The best thing in them lies so deep that it has a dormant state.The best thing in them lies so deep taht it has never been awakened.Great possibilities of usefulness and of achieverment are,all unconsciously,going to waste within them.


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