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云顶娱乐4008com官网_www.40081122.com英语英文短文分享:《The Principle of Success》


          《The Principle of Success》
         What is success?
         I aln not going to try to define success.I think a precise definition is impossible.Is it winning a gold medal at the olympic games or winning winbledon,or being awarded a nobel prize?What else?I believe personal success could be anything at all--it does not have to involve public ieeognition.Who is more successful?A millionnaire who is unhappy,or an unnoticed person who has led a simple,happy life?The simplest definition of success I think is"to set out do something and to succeed in doing it".It really doesn t matter what,or how humble the undertaking is.
          Beheve you can succeed and you will.Achieving success in whatever endeavor you choose may be the goal of life,because it gives you freedom from worry.Could that be?
          Success means different things to every one of us.some peple believe it is measured in financial terms,such as having wealth;others believe it is helping others rather than helping themselves.A bit of both perhape! Or it could be simply achiecing foe achievement s sake.Success id such a personal thing.To many people it is the very root of their being the reason foe existing is to achieve something worthwhile in our lives.To the vast majori ty of the population it doesn t matter much whether they want to be successful or not;that s ok by me,as long as that is what you really want and you are recognition and a relentless pursuit of achievement.How many people too are really happy?How many peo pie are really doing what they want to with their lives?(Incidentally.the ability to imagine makes us difierent from animals).
          No matter waht motivates you personally...whatever you choose to do with you life,don t expect instan success.The years of struggle,commitment and learning in excelling at whatever endeavor trade you choose,is no easy task.I would wholeheartedly agree with that statement.It takes a lot of courage,character and discipline to achieve success in any field.Nearly all successful people have doubted themselves at some point and want ed to give up.Yet they carried on.so many peoplegive up within an inch or two away from he gold in the seam down the mine-a whisker away from success.one thing is for sure;success breeds success,as it gathers fl momentum of its own and you get on an inning streak when everything seems to fit into place.
          I like all of the following quotations.They all stand for that success means to me per sonaly.so I ll share them with you..
        "Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worth while goals.""To live you life in your own way.To teach the goals you ve set for yourself.To be the pemon you want to be--that is success."


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